How To Start A Blog In 2020 (Step By Step Guide)

Want to know how to start a blog in 2020?

Do you intend to make an easy income on autopilot with blogging, which helps you to live life like a Hero? So beginning a blog is the first and also critical action that leads you to success. However, After reading this overview, you will begin your blog site today as well as make a course for your success.

Starting a blog is not so much complicated, but all you need some support, which helps you to start a blog in 2020.

Here are the 10 very easy actions to start your profitable blog site without making a mistake and also some bonus tips which aid you to scale your blog site.

Let's Do It. -

  1. Step 1:- Choose your niche for the blog.
  2. Step 2:- Choose a Blogging Platform.
  3. Step 3:- Find a domain name & hosting for your blog.
  4. Step 4:- Set up your WordPress.
  5. Step 5:- Choose an SEO-friendly Theme.
  6. Step 6:- Choose the best plugin.
  7. Step 7:- Write and publish your blog Content.
  8. Step 8:-  Share your content with the world
  9. Step 9:- Monetize your blog.
  10. Step 10:- Drive organic traffic and earn more money.
I constantly prefer to claim that 2020 is the golden arena for beginning a blog and expand it, Because blogging is coming to be hard day by day as well as if you started today, so you have extra opportunities, than others who will certainly begin behind you.

Here some Extraordinary Advantages of blogging which help you:

  • Express Yourself
  • You can help others
  • Make money online

  1. Choose Your Niche for the Blog?
The very first thing you need to do is find the particular niche of your blog. By specific niche, I mean locating a subject that your blog is going to have to do with.

I wish you don't plan to blog about every arbitrary thing and earn money. This doesn't operate in 2020 and also your possibilities of success are much better when you blog on a single topic.

Are you still confused?

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